Improve Your Marketing Measurement

If you’re like many B2B marketers out there, you know that your measurement isn’t good enough... but, hey, what can you do about it? Your manager comes to you with questions and you just don’t have the right data to give a good answer. It’s a huge problem, but it’s just something you have to deal with, right? Not anymore! Join Jordan Con and Lillian Smith for their webinar, 5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Measurement Isn’t working (& how to fix it), on Oct 10, 2019, where they’ll discuss how you can get prepared to answer all of the measurement questions that come your way.

We'll discuss:

  • Shortfalls of current measurement technology
  • Real-life challenges that come from those shortfalls
  • How to get started with better measurement
  • A preview of what it’s like when you can answer your manager’s questions
Date: Oct 10, 2019
Time: 11am BST (GMT +1)

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Meet the Speakers


Jordan Con
Jordan Con is a product marketing manager at Marketo and is responsible for go-to-market strategy and execution for Marketo’s analytics products. Prior to Marketo, Jordan was the head of product marketing at Bizible (acquired by Marketo), the leader in B2B revenue attribution and planning technology. Jordan also worked at Inside Social (acquired by Simply Measured) and as a strategist at ad agency, DNA.

Lillian Smith
Lillian is a Sr. Demand Manager for the enterprise segment at Marketo, an Adobe Company. She is responsible for full-funnel marketing strategy and execution with an emphasis on digital media and direct mail. Prior to Marketo, Lillian worked as the demand manager at Bizible, where she ran ABM programs to prospect accounts of all sizes. Lillian has been working in digital marketing for B2B technology companies for the past 7 years and has both agency and in-house experience.

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