Take Your Direct Mail Strategy to the Next Level

There are many opinions about direct mail as a marketing channel, and the new age of digital engagement has given marketers more responsibility in terms of how we connect with people and measure impact. To create campaigns that matter, aligning success metrics with your program goals is a necessity. Join Hayley Ferrante and James Leedom for their webinar, A New Age of Direct Mail: How to Develop Campaigns, Define Engagement, and Prove Impact on November 13, 2019 at 10am PT | 1pm ET, to learn how you can level up your direct mail game.

You'll learn:

  • How to develop a personalized direct mail strategy
  • Why attribution is non-negotiable
  • How to structure measurable direct mail programs

Meet the Speakers

Hayley Ferrante
Hayley Ferrante is a Sr. Marketing Specialist on the Commercial Demand Generation team at Marketo. She focuses on webinar strategy and execution, engagement programs, top of funnel campaigns for lead generation, and bottom of funnel campaigns with a strong emphasis on direct mail. When she's not building programs in Marketo, she enjoys yoga, hiking, and catching some sun at the beach.
James Leedom
James Leedom is a Marketing Operations Manager at Marketo, and a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect. He helps admin the marketing teams own internal Marketo instance and owns the Marketo team’s implementation of their Bizible instance. He loves working with the broader marketing team to ensure every program is set up in a way to achieve the most accurate reporting. Outside of being a marketing operations wizard, he can be found on his bike somewhere in the middle of Colorado or growing out his beard and sassing all of his coworkers.

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