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Thursday, August 12, 10am PT | 1pm ET

Tracking Touchpoints: Reporting with BTs and BATs

Learn how to leverage Bizible Touchpoints and Bizible Attribution Touchpoints

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Have you set up a Bizible report and found yourself wondering whether to use a Bizible Touchpoint (BT) or a Bizible Attribution Touchpoint (BAT)? Harnessing the power of these two Bizible features can lead to better, more insightful reporting. Join our webinar to hear Bizible expert and Marketo Engage Champion Kimberly Galitz review how to report effectively with BTs and BATs.

You'll learn:

  • How BTs and BATs are tracked differently
  • Advantages of reporting with BTs and BATs
  • How to set up reports using BTs and BATs

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Kimberly Galitz

Marketo Engage Champion, Bizible Expert

Kimberly is a Bizible All-Star Alum, current Marketo Engage Champion, and LeanData OpsStar of the year. She continues to rally around products she loves and believes in, making her a huge fan of customer advocacy initiatives. Helping the community learn and grow is a passion, and these programs help her do that.