The 2019 Marketo Revvie Awards recognize the most fearless marketers who have driven significant business impact using Marketo.

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Fearless Marketer
Are you pushing the limits and using Marketing in an innovative way? Describe how you are leveraging the Marketo Engagement Platform to drive business impacts and share how Marketo has enabled you to be fearless in your pursuit of marketing excellence.
Dream Team
Sales and Marketing partnership is crucial to building pipeline, closing business, and creating lasting customer relationships. How are you bringing both teams together to create deeper account and customer relationships? Share your unified strategy how you have bridged Sales and Marketing initiatives.

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The Transformer
Did you switch to Marketo from another marketing automation and/or email service provider to take your business to the next level? Share with us why you invested in Marketo, the success you’ve achieved, and how this has impacted your organization

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The Performer
Has your organization successfully scaled your use of Marketo? As the organization has grown, you have also grown the amount of data you manage and mastered the Marketo platform to listen, learn, and engage more effectively! Explain how you are leveraging multiple Marketo capabilities and applications, and how you’ve planned and built to your current scale.

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The Orchestrator
In an era of sky-high customer expectations, marketers must deliver cohesive, valuable experiences across a multitude of channels. Whether you’re connecting learnings gathered through digital channels to offer personalized content, bringing online and offline together, or leveraging high-touch channels for effective conversion, how are you using Marketo to improve experiences and get personal across channels?

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Marketing Team of The Year
Has Marketo transformed or revolutionized your organization? Describe Marketo’s impact on your team’s ability to engage more effectively with customers, build your brand, grow company revenue, and prove the impact of your marketing efforts across your organization.

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Marketer of The Year
Have you (or a member of your team) advanced your career because of Marketo expertise? Are you driving transformation? Share with us how Marketo helped you meet and/or exceed business objectives, move up in your organization, or realize new career opportunities.

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Marketing Exec of the Year
Share how you (or a person you nominate) are driving change in your organization and transforming marketing from a cost center to the key driver of revenue growth by leveraging Marketo (VP or above).

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Champion of The Year
This award goes to the Marketo Champion who has proven to be a true brand ambassador who actively shares their expertise, thought leadership, and strategies for helping customers thrive using Marketo.

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Marketo User Group (MUG) Leader of the Year
This award recognizes the Marketo User Group (MUG) Leader who has successfully demonstrated their ability to run well-organized and highly attended local in-person meetings as well as a community for Marketo customers to learn, share best practices and network with their peers.

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